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Stories, secrets and suggestions: a mobile worker’s life – 2020 Contest.

Every day we see, listen, share and give life to small and great stories, through which the individual knowledge enriches the collective one. Stories allow us to experience the world without prejudice and to face the future.

Stories to grow, progress, evolve.

This is the time, also for you, to share your story and your experience!

If you are participating or have participated in the YfEj6.0 project, take part in this new challenging Contest!

The Contest title is “Stories, secrets and suggestions: a mobile worker’s life” and is organised within the 6th edition of the Your first EURES job (YfEj) project, run by ANPAL - EURES National Coordination Office, Italy.

This is the opportunity for you to tell, in a creative way, something that would inspire young people and employers to live the experience of mobility in Europe.

Choose one of the following categories to participate in the Contest:


Write a short story, a poem, or lyrics.


Tell your story through a drawing, a painting, a comic strip, or a digital drawing.


Make a list thinking of your experience and share it.

The contest starts on June, the 15th … and you can win amazing prizes!

Read the Regulation and Terms and Conditions and join the Contest.


  Download the full Rules (pdf)

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