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Survey on the obstacles to transnational mobility identified by Italian participants in the empo

Survey on the obstacles to transnational mobility identified by Italian participants in the empowerment workshops Your First EURES Job 6.0 in the three-year period 2019/2021.

Eurodesk is a European youth information network created in 1990. As a support organisation to Erasmus+, Eurodesk makes information on learning mobility comprehensive and accessible to young people and those who work with them.

Eurodesk federates over 1600 local youth information providers, so-called “multipliers and ambassadors” that are regional or local organisations working with young people, delivering youth information and advising young people on mobility opportunities.

To ensure the quality of services in all 36 countries, Eurodesk offers its members quality training and support, and access to youth information services and tools.

Mobility is often a key element of policies in support of youth employment, understood as the opportunity to work or train in a national context outside one’s home country.

Eurodesk Italy, within the project YfEj6, has conducted workshops to strengthen the skills and promote the value of mobility among young people in some Italian regions, in particular the southern regions, in collaboration with the EURES Italy network.

Youth employment and training support programs often have greater or lesser success among young people depending on a number of different factors, largely related to their level of engagement in the program. In simple terms, if young people taking part in a program decide not to participate fully to the end or not to follow all the different steps involved, it is very unlikely they will reach their final development goals. This pilot action intended to identify these mechanisms with the implementation of Empowerment to Mobility workshops within the framework of Your first EURES job 6.0 project.

To deepen the argument it is possible to download the research document both in English and in Italian language.

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