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This page is intended for employers

YFEJ benefits

What benefits can YfEj offer you?

Besides the recruitment services, YfEj offers a wide range of information and financial benefits, both to employers and jobseekers.

Young jobseekers and employers can benefit from YfEj financial support, as long as:

  • They are registered on EUJOB4EU Platform
  • They fulfil the eligibility criteria,
  • The pre-selection for the work placement has been carried out though our services or through the recruitment services provided by the EURES Advisers members of our consortium
  • All the conditions as specified in the “Your first EURES job Targeted mobility scheme – Jobseekers and Employers Guide” are met and approved.


Integration programme

For SMEs who take on mobile candidates for a job, apprenticeship or traineeship, you can receive a financial support (flat-rate) to cover some of the costs of an integration programme for the newly hired young worker. An integration programme entails the provision of induction training (job-related training and/or language course), possibly combined with other post-placement support (such as administrative support and resettlement assistance), with the aim of easing the integration into the job. 

The fixed amount is based on the country and the nature of the training provided.


Financial support to young jobseekers

YfEj also offers financial support to young jobseekers preselected, in order to allow them to participate in an interview abroad and to help them move abroad when they obtain a contract. Other support regards the possibility to receive pre-departure language training and financial help for the recognition of qualifications.

For more information about financial support to jobseekers, please click here.


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