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This page is intended for jobseekers


I already have a professional experience. Can I participate in YfEj:

Yes, YfEj doesn’t regard only first job experience, neither first-time mobile candidate. If you respect all the eligibility conditions you can participate!


I am not a EU national but I have a legal residence permit. Can I register on YfEj?

No, only EU nationals are eligible to participate in YfEj.


How can I know if my CV has been taken into consideration for a job vacancy?

We normally analyse the CVs of all the candidates with a profile corresponding to a job vacancy and respecting all the requirements.

Information about the economic sectors in which we have currently vacancies is available in the fact and figures page. Make sure that your CV is as complete as possible and up-date it often, in order to increase your possibilities to be pre-selected for a work placement.


I read on EU Manual that Your first EURES job foresees supplementary services for young people with special needs. Is it right?

Yes, we can provide a supplementary relocation allowance. If you have specific needs, contact us and we will give more information about the procedure.


I received a job offer from an enterprise for a job placement in another EU country. Can I benefit from YfEj financial support?

It is not possible to benefit from YfEj support  if the recruitment has not been carried out through YfEj or EURES network.


I saw a vacancy for a job in another EU country adapted to my profile. What can I do?

You can contact us to point out the job vacancy. We will contact the employer to offer him/her the possibility to use YfEj services for their recruitment procedure. In the case he/she accepts, we will send your CV through our services.


Is it compulsory to speak a foreign language to participate and obtain a job?

The reply to this question is two-folds.

On the one hand, you must consider that your CV inside the platform has to be filled in English. It is important to use a correct English as the evaluation of your profile will be based on this CV. Therefore, if you do not speak well English, we suggest you to ask for help to someone with a good level of English knowledge.

On the other hand, the knowledge of English, or of another foreign language, is not compulsory to participate in the initiative, nor is it always essential to obtain a work abroad. The importance of the language depends a lot on the professional domain. For some typologies of jobs, it can be fundamental to be fluent in a specific language, while for others other competencies are more important (for example for technical jobs).

However, in our experience, language knowledge is very often one of the requirements inserted in the job vacancies, and in some countries, such as Germany, it is almost always obligatory.

Considering the relevance of language knowledge in professional mobility processes, YfEj provides specific support: covering part of the costs of language training courses for pre-selected candidates, organizing preparatory training and offering financial support to SMEs organizing language training for newly-hired staff (see More about YFEJ Benefits).


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